Effective way to teach Typing Skills

In a world where the integration of technology has become the everyday norm, typing has become a mandatory skill. Typing Races is a learn-to-type program and social racing game intended to aide students in improving their touch typing skills in fun and engaging way.

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Teachers Portal

Typing Races for Education was designed for teachers and parents who want to help their students and children in learning touch typing skills. It consists of two apps: Teachers Portal and Typing Races App for Students. Teachers Portal gives teachers quick access to students' progress including missions results, experience, records, and quick overview of recent student activities.

Teachers can have multiple classes and unlimited number of students in each class. All students added to a single class will be connected as friends and will be able to see each other results and invite each other to a typing race.

One of the most useful features in Teachers Portal is Quick Recap, where teachers can see overview of what their students have been doing during last day, week and month.

Quick Recap

Learning Process

This engaging app requires students to complete missions by improving their typing speed and accuracy. As players move up in levels they can earn stars and achievements, thus unlocking prizes such as a new model of car to play with. Players can use this game to practice their typing skills on their own or they can challenge their friends to a Typing Race, thus testing and improving their existing skills. Typing Races keeps the ‘fun factor’ in learning.


Typing Races has a secondary educational perk. As players are learning to type more effectively, they are also practicing components of reading and writing. As they accomplish missions they are presented with a large variety of texts, all taken from the top 100 books in The Gutenberg Library. Players will unconsciously be learning proper sentence structure, punctuation and new vocabulary.

To learn more about the game please visit http://typingraces.com

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Typing Races App for Students

This app was specifically designed for use in classrooms. Students are required to login with credentials provided by their teachers.

If you have any questions or ideas feel free to contact us at education@typingraces.com